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  • Health professionals in Greece and abroad who wish to follow up their customers
  • Companies and organizations that provide brainfitness software and e-health services
  • Companies and organizations operating in the health tourism sector
  • Companies and organizations involved in healthcare and fitness services

In depth

The advantages of cooperation with our company are the following points:

1. We aim for a holistic approach and guidance for people with problems (sick or not).
2. We support the effective linkage of professionals who can offer advice.
3. We support our activities by specialized and modern information systems (Information Technology) consolidated together to provide the best services and solutions to customer problems.
4. We respect and ensure the confidentiality of the personal data of customers with specific protocols in the information system.
5. We respect and ensure informed consent, monitoring progress and keeping customers updated on their situation.
6. We offer excellent working environment for the co-employed consultants, intermediate users of services, value-added services due to the completion of management reviews and feedback between them in interdisciplinary cooperation.
7. We pay attention to prevention at all levels: primary, secondary and tertiary, and aiming at contributing significantly to reducing morbidity and mortality from causes that are recognized by the World Health Organization as the most important determinants of increased morbidity and mortality in Western societies, such as smoking, obesity, anxiety and emotional disorders, impairment and impairment of cognitive functions and memory from various causes including disease, Alzheimer (NA) and cerebrovascular events (stroke).
8. We adhere to strict ethical standards, by using appropriate procedures, eg compliance "Contract for consultancy services," "Rules of Conduct", "Corporate Security Policy, following the Greek and International Standards.