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Human resources

The development of human resources is an important factor, because we can achieve our corporate goals only with a good team and partners operating in the same direction. For this we give priority to investment in human resources.
We have developed numerous ways to cultivate new skills and update the skills of our staff. We associate constantly conditions and capabilities of our potential to the increasing demands we face. Continuing education significantly enhances a high level in all our departments, organizing inter-company training courses, participating in international training programs and seminars conducted by experts external partners in areas such as biofeedback, holistic health fronrida and operations of the facility access for disabled people to health.
The end result of all these educational activities is the development of each person: as the personality and skills are those needed to win in a competitive environment. We support the heads of departments in all major phases of their departments and provide advice whenever needed, while giving emphasis to the development plan for the use of talented young workers.
In BRAINFITNESS NET creates the proper and necessary balance between professional commitment and personal privacy. And the most important reason to educate yourself or start your career with us: the personality of the individual and the team create a work environment where every member feels necessary and consistent element.
If you want to apply for a position in the company, please stelte your CV This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it