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Occupational Therapy

The services are personalized and tailored to the particular social and cultural environment of the individual.
Through the online system, access to healthcare professionals and people living in rural areas, different
social, educational and cultural characteristics. The nature of the services is such that any assessment of the problem
individual to include and be guided by this particular culture. For example, interventions
therapist based on this assessment and using elements of local traditional culture to achieve
functional, professional and social reintegration and rehabilitation. In this context involve collaboration with laboratories
traditional pottery.
Elements of traditional culture can be integrated into psychosomatic rehabilitation sessions include individual
or group projects: a) traditional woodcarving, b) traditional embroidery, c) traditional dances, d) traditional
floral e) traditional gardening and cultivation of local traditional products.

Made home visits and work places.

Rehabilitation in

1. Stroke
2. Degenerative diseases of CNS (dementia, spinal cerebellar ataxia, polyneuropathy, etc.)
3. Traumatic brain injury
4. Orthopedic disorders (fractures)
5. Rheumatic diseases
6. Children with developmental disorders


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