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  • Health professionals in Greece and abroad who wish to follow up their customers
  • Companies and organizations that provide brainfitness software and e-health services
  • Companies and organizations operating in the health tourism sector
  • Companies and organizations involved in healthcare and fitness services

Fundamental aims

The main objectives of BrainFitness Net are:

  • Services of guidance for people facing difficulties
  • Counselling and health education services
  • Services of evaluation and increase of efficiency and skills
  • Services of prevention and rehabilitation
  • The consolidation of holistic health practices, therapy and support of medical practices

For our services we use evidence based methods.

Our main concern is the holistic approach to the problem of each individual case, We offer interdisciplinary approach fcombining services from the following health care professionals:
psychologist, speech and language therapist, physiotherapist, trainer, dietitian, occupational therapist, social worker, family counselor, job counselor, nurse, mental health counselor, consultant for safety rules, health education consultant.

These services are not medical in nature.