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General Info

Welcome to the website of BrainFitness Net in Greece!


Everyday we perceive the need for networking and communication posed by our modern lifestyle. This need is particularly important in the health sector. We believe that at present, we need a spirit of redefining the role and mode of action of health professionals. The fragmentation of services, the suffering of the citizen, the incoherence of roles and the lack of quality control, coordination and networking of professionals and health agencies are signs of a system  that is malfunctioning. These problems, sometimes of less and sometimes  of greater intensity are an integral part of both the public and private sector.

These unpleasant findings prompted us to propose a new unifying concept of care that incorporates proactive, interactive, continuum based chronic care management.


Holistic Care Net Hellas:

•  Provides guidance services for people facing difficulties, counseling and health education, information on health issues, with emphasis on improving performance, prevention and rehabilitation.

•  Combines and integrates services from health professionals/counselors hitherto scattered and fragmentary.

• Optimizes opportunities to engage patients to their own healthcare and provides care managers/health professionals with up to date information to intervene before symptoms/difficulties escalate.

•  Offers value added services to individuals and families, particularly those facing a situation of exclusion due to geographical, social, physical, psychological, legal difficulties.

•  Applies the model of holistic health care in combination with evidence based, alternative therapies and integrating elements of Greek culture.

More information about our principles, our philosophy, our actions, the network of health professionals, and membership programs that we implement you can find in our pages. Our organization does not provide medical services directly. The citizen, of course, can provide consent for the doctor to enter  medical information, signing a consent form. Furthermore, the network can inform the doctor, at the request of the citizen, about reports of other doctors and services supplied within the network.

Ensuring the confidentiality of the private data of our users is our basic principle. From the impressions of the people enrolled in our programs so far, the findings are extremely encouraging. The sense of the individual that is cared by a "safety net" of health professionals - consultants, able to help him and sympathetic to his/her problems, which can interact and collaborate effectively with each other, gives a unique feeling of confidence, assurance and optimism about the course of his/her health.